Many of the girls become smitten with Byron Walcott, their handsome new geology professor. Professor Walcott's knowledge and enthusiasm for geology inspires Denise to develop a fascination for the subject. Although Denise mocks the other girls for their crushes on the professor, she also mistakes his attention for romantic interest. Stevie confronts Professor Walcott and accuses him of leading his students on. Dwayne witnesses their argument and suspects that they like each other. Denise feels like a fool for misreading Professor Walcott's intentions, but quickly gets over it. She plays matchmaker for Stevie and the professor. Maggie concludes that Americans require too much personal space; she gets on everyone's nerves by cutting down on her "body buffer zone."

gs: David Alan Grier [Byron Walcott]

rc: J.T., Allison, Gloria

NOTE: This is Loretta Devine's final episode, although she also appears in Come Back, Little Egby

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