Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor (Dawnn Lewis) is a native of Camden (New Jersey), sister of Danielle, ex-wife of Lamar Collins, enrolled at Hillman College at age 25, roommate of Denise Huxtable and Maggie Lauten during sophomore year, worked part-time at the Hillman library and Hillman cafeteria, assistant dorm director of Gilbert Hall, vacationed in Greece with Maggie during the summer of 1988, roommate of Freddie Brooks during junior and senior years, worked a summer installing cable television, entered into serious relationship with Walter Oakes, co-dorm director of Gilbert Hall, engaged to Walter, couple halts wedding at the altar and mutually separates, graduated (Class of 1990), accepted an entry-level corporate position, off-campus roommate of Whitley Gilbert, married Colonel Bradford Taylor (in a surprise elopement), stepmother of Suzanne and Terrence, started a temporary employment agency, gave birth to daughter Imani, disappeared after Season 5.
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